See why PowerClean powder degreaser is taking the cleaning industry by storm

One Cleaner for all Applications

One 20Kg bucket is all you need to clean everything

One bucket makes over 2000 litres

Reduce your cleaning costs to less than 75c per litre

PowerClean is the first of it’s kind in South Africa, possibly anywhere! It is a Non-Caustic, Multi-Purpose powder degreaser that can be used to clean almost anything.

Powerclean soap


Cleans and breaks down grime without caustic soda and caustic potash. Much Safer!


PowerClean is manufactured using Environmentally Acceptable and Biodegradable ingredients


PowerClean is well suited for nearly all your cleaning requirements. Give it a try.


Multi-Purpose powder based cleaner for almost Any Application

There are considerable advantages not only from using only one product, but in addition the storage and space saving is significant.


Control the Power


Simply add between 1 and 8 tablespoons of PowerClean to a 10 liters of water and stir. This will give you a  bucket of the most versatile cleaners available anywhere.


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Another First for BlueStream!!

BlueStream Environmental Sales and Technology (Pty) Ltd is proud to announce another First in Cleaning Technology for the South African Cleaning Industry.

PowerClean powder degreaser is the first of it’s kind in South Africa, possibly anywhere. It is a Non-Caustic, Multi-Purpose, Powder Cleaner/Degreaser for almost Any Application¹.

Simply add up to a cup (100grams) of PowerClean to a 10 liter bucket of water, stir to dissolve and that’s it! You now have a bucket of one of the most Powerful cleaners/degreasers available anywhere.

Powerclean Soap applications include:

  • From Home Applications – floors, tiles, bathrooms, tools, garage floors, kitchens, pots and pans, cars, windows
  • Commercial Properties – Offices, showrooms, public toilets and washrooms, refuse areas, parking areas, hospitals, schools, prisons and shopping centers
  • Commercial Kitchens and Restaurants – literally every area including deep fryers and extraction fans
  • Heavy Industry – workshops, machinery, tools, all trucks, cars and equipment
    PowerClean Cleans Everything².

At it’s strongest dilution (1cup to 10 liters water, for engine cleaning, deep fryers and heavy industry) the effective cost per liter of PowerClean is 44c. This compared to upwards of R25/liter for many other commercially available degreasers.

For vehicles, offices, bathrooms, the effective cost is in the region of 11c – 22c per liter.

There are considerable advantages not only from using only one product, but in addition the storage and space saving is significant. At it’s strongest dilution, PowerClean will make 2000 liters of Industrial Strength, Heavy Duty Degreaser, and this is contained in a 20kg drum! I bucket = 2000 liters. Instead of storing 2000 liters, store 20kg.

Transport is a significant factor too. To transport 20 tons of degreaser into Africa traditionally requires a Superlink Truck. Now 10 x 20kg buckets (200kg) will do, easily transportable on a 1400 bakkie. And it is likely to perform better than it’s competitors.

PowerClean is available for Kitchen and Food Preparation Areas³ (unscented), and all Public Areas (scented). It is also available with a disinfectant as required.

PowerClean costs R1390 for a 20kg bucket and depending on dilution used, 20kg of PowerClean will make between 2 000 and 10 000 liters of degreaser.

PowerClean is manufactured using Environmentally Acceptable, Biodegradable ingredients and complies with EU and REACH standards.

 There are certain powder cleaners available, particularly for kitchens, but non that are non-caustic, and with all applications.
Not suitable as a laundry detergent.


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